Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Staffordshire hoard dig criticised

There has been some measured, and not so measured, criticism of the dig that unearthed the Staffordshire hoard.
Archaeologists exposed the seventh century gold after a metal detectorist came across the finds in a farmer's field.
All well and good so far, but now the amateur video of the dig has surfaced to be met with a barrage of less than complimentary comments about the way in which the excavation was carried out.

Paul Barford has an excellent blog on the Portable Antiquities Scheme and has a balanced and considered piece on the dig.
He says: 'This video creates the impression of an extremely unprofessional excavation and as a British archaeologist, frankly I am ashamed.
'Basically the video shows the objects being dug up by these archaeologists like potatoes.'
As Paul adds, questions need to be asked about what went on in Staffordshire and why.
Our heritage is at stake.

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