Thursday, 1 October 2009

BAE bribe charges: Why now?

Aren't kickbacks and bribes the way they do business in the arms trade?
Surely this has been happening for years.
The question is why have the government, judiciary et al, chosen now to kick up a fuss about it?
Has BAE upset somebody?
As Robert Peston says in his blog: 'Whether you love or hate that BAE is a world leader in defence, it is the biggest manufacturer in the UK and is a significant part of the British economy.'
We have to choose whether we want to do this sort of business or not.
From the political expediency exercised in the release of Al-Megrahi it seems that yes we do, sometimes.

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  1. I would suggest that it's not so much the industry, more the client base. If there was an investigation into every company that did business in that part of the world, then we wouldn't be exporting much...