Monday, 22 November 2010

Sarah Palin - grim reality

If I was to say that the person who could be the next leader of the free world has just launched a reality TV show on a channel called TLC you might think I was pulling your leg.
Not so.
Sarah Palin's Alaska shows the Tea Party queen hunting, shooting and fishing in the wilderness state in a thinly-disguised bid to show voters that she's just an ordinary mom.

And in an illuminating piece in today's International Herald Tribune Frank Rich points out that 'her amateurism and liabilities are badges of honor'.
Perhaps she's not as stupid as we thought she was.
But should we be worried that she could be the next president of the United States?
Barack Obama's ineffectiveness, despite going into the job with the best of intentions, suggests the office is one that is dogged by inertia, so maybe not.
The US has a track record of electing presidents not overburdened with intelligence.
As it stands Palin is a shoo-in for 2012.

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